Winter is upon us

Today November 10th, 2017 was one of the coldest day so far for me.  I do not like the cold weather at all.  It is the type of weather you seriously have to layer in clothing.  It is days like this that I appreciate being retired and I don’t have to go out unless I pretty much want to.  I had planned my day to go to the nail salon, then head over to the laundromat and take 2 big heavy quilts and 2 blankets one is Buttercup my Yorkie.   

I took Buttercup out to the backyard to release herself and I kid you not the news reporter stated on Thursday evening that “it was gonna be so cold that he don’t even want to talk about it”, he aint never lied,  it was so cold it goes right through your bones not kidding.  Why when I take Buttercup out, first of all she hates clothes and really will not go and release herself unless I remove her light fleece jacket , it is such a battle with my Stinkbutt.  We are outside she want to walk around, stall a bit looking for squirrels, she finally goes and now she want to walk around, sniff a bit without a jacket on acting like it is summer,  I am cold as heck and I can feel the cold going right through my clothing but I wait patiently and let her be a dog,  finally she had enough and was ready to come inside.  Thank goodness.

Oh by the way I never went out to do anything at all it is 1:25 am Saturday,  November 11, 2017,  New York City time and I felt the need to just blog about how freaking cold it is and this is just the beginning of what to expect, I have not changed over my summer/spring clothes.  What a bummer winter is upon us.  Stay warm Brrrrrr!!!!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all that have served this country past and present I thank you and I salute  you…..