Why I stopped cooking at one point in my life 


I have cooked since I can remember, I have always enjoyed cooking as I explained in my (About Me) page. I had started a new job and I was working rotating shifts and working lots of overtime and my cooking habits had declined.  My daughter and I began to eat out a lot, if we did not go out we would order our food and go around the corner to this pizza shop and pick up our food.  It had gotten so bad that we may have eaten from there almost everyday because of me working rotating shifts.  My daughter stayed with her grandmother when I worked midnight or the midday day shifts that is when she ate a home cooked meal at her grandma’s home, when she was home with me we ate out because I was just too tired to cook.   What stopped me from eating out was my daughter and I was gaining so much weight, I mean we just blew up and that is when  I had decide that we will not be eating out and that I would cook our meals from then on. I really believe that was the best decision I could have ever made about our diet.   It is very important I feel to cook your own food at home, I am not saying don’t go out to eat,  I am simply saying that food cooked at home at least you know who touched your food and you can control what goes into your food meaning sugar, butter and salt.

When cooking at home you can involve and teach your child/children that cooking can be fun because children are like sponges they absorb so much and it really helps to prepare them as they grown into their own.  To this day my daughter is a great cook and I truly believe cooking starts at home.  My motto is there is nothing like a home cooked meal it is like food to your soul.