I am sitting here and seriously thinking to myself can I really become a serious food blogger, it seems so easy from looking out the window, (from looking outside of other successful bloggers), when reading and enjoying other people blogs, yet we really don’t know all that they have went through to get to where they are at.  Well I recently bought  my first digital camera in hopes that I can produce better food pictures but of course I have to learn how to work this thing they call digital camera.  I am practicing  taking pictures of my Yorkie,  Buttercup whom I adore, my niece 30th birthday celebration, flowers, plants  and anything that moves and don’t move.  Well I must say I am doing better than I have thought with a few pointers from another photographer I know I have to buy this separate flash which can run me about $700.000 dollars that I just don’t have, oh did I say I purchased a new iMac 21 inch computer by Apple as well.  My Macbook Pro 17 inch laptop 2009 (Vintage is what Apple calls it) was acting slow and to tell you the truth I have not even used up all my memory at all. Apple do not make 17 inch laptop they discontinued it for whatever reason.   I took it to apple to be serviced and I only need to buy an eternal hard drive and have then Apple wipe it clean then I will have more memory added and something else I can’t remember but it should not cost me no more than 250.00 I hope.  I was told by Apple staff I will be able to  use it for another eight years, ok now back to the camera this is what happen when you get old it is so easy to get sided tracked y’all senior citizens know exactly what I am talking about.  Oh my where was I ok back to the camera.   Anyway I have been with my website for about 2 years now and I still have not figured stuff out but one thing I do know I needed to step up my game taking photos with your phone is ok but when you look at other professional bloggers food pictures you began to look at your phone pictures and they just don’t measure up, they pop, they just look ok but the lighting is not right and it seem like it is all about the proper lighting.  Enough of me just rattling until next time smooches.

ps. The picture of Buttercup is not with my digital camera that was taken a while ago.