I Am Learning Even Though It Is A Process

img_2943I am a self-taught cook and chef and now I am becoming a self-taught recipe writer and blogger.  It is a process I am not going to kid you, there are times I want to quit.  I feel like there are so many food bloggers out there who could care less about what I have to offer.

Once I get over my pity party I seem to always have this recipe I am making that I want to share with my friends and with people on social media.  Whenever I post a recipe and my friends, family and my followers like what they see it makes me want to write more and create more simple recipes.

I find that people rather simplicity when it comes to cooking and not complicated dishes but, it still has to look and taste delicious and that is what I try to execute simple delicious meals and dishes.   People do not want to travel the globe for an ingredient so you can make a great dish many times with what you have in your pantry.

I thought this would be easy but it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to become a blogger thinking about what can you write about next or what dish can you make and will people read what you write.  You also have to be a part of the now with social media you have to put yourself out there,  now I am on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr which I recently joined.  I am just glad that I am retired

I am still a work in progress there is so much I have to learn and so much I have learned. I do know one thing that cooking is my passion and I have taken pictures of my food with my cell since the iPhone 3G came out making it easy to take pictures of everything.   Until next time, make something great.

*Photo by: Lisa Miller



2 Replies to “I Am Learning Even Though It Is A Process”

  1. I appreciate your recipes Deborah as I am one who also loves to cook. But unlike what you expressed I love complicated dishes being a pecatarian it’s about variety in dishes so you aren’t bored and get the nutrients you need. I really loved your vinaigrettes you posted, please post more of those recipes. I also love your meatless Monday ideas, very inspiring.

    I am following you in this path or experimentation and growth. Here’s to a vibrant 2018!

    1. Thank you for your support Terea. When speaking of complicated dish I speak for those that have children and are trying to prepare a quick, healthy and tasty meal and really don’t have the time during their work week to make one of my not so quick meals. These are the people that have contacted me personally on how to prepare quick and great tasting meals for their family. Myself being an omnivore and sometimes vegetarian still find it challenging when deciding what to cook on those meatless Mondays and the other days in between that I choose not to eat meat. I find it to be a bit more of a challenge and I must give it more thought on what dish I choose to make. If you love complicated recipes than it was not directed towards you. I find when speaking or writing one must be very careful how and what they say because people tend to take things the wrong way or out of content. Thank you for your support and I appreciate your comment. I posted my Strawberry dressing it is on my website. I will post more.

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