Bomb Cyclone (Blizzard) 2018

Today we got our first blizzard of 2018, January 4, 2018, it was a lot of snow and we were really snowbound in.  I took Buttercup my yorkie out to the backyard and I had to shovel the snow to make a path for her she is only 6 lbs,  it was not too bad about an inch had fallen and she was able to walk on it pretty good.   A few minutes later it looked like I never shoveled at all.  The schools did not open, airports were closed and we were told to stay off the roads due to serious unsafe conditions.

Since we got all this snow I did the next best thing and put on a pot of soup, I made a black bean chili soup with beef and it was so good,  I will post the recipe at a later date.

We survived the day and we made the best of a snow day here in Brooklyn New York, so I say too you all stay warm and be safe.  Until next time.  Brrrrr.