My long Break Is Over

img_9140I have been away from writing my recipes I think I was just exhausted it takes hard work and a lot of sitting in front of my computer I may have perhaps burned out so I took a leave for just some me-time.  I have worked out 4 days a week since January 2017, I was not happy with my weight at all and it was the heaviest I had been in a very long time,  I think since I retired,  and the fact I quit smoking cold turkey may have had a lot to do with my weight gain.  I also had foot surgery to remove a small bunion that was hurting  me like crazy, when I wore my most comfortable shoes my big toe felt like it was squeezing the life out of me,  that is when I said it is time to remedy this problem so I opted for foot surgery in March of 2016 and the weight just piled on, if I even looked at food.  I missed a whole year of not going to the gym it took my foot so long to heal and to this day the bottom of my foot still pains me when at the gym on the treadmill but it hurts worst on the elliptical.  I try to not focus on the pain so I can get my cardio workout done.  I am happy to report I lost 30 -35 pounds it was not easy but with commitment, dedication and determination I was able to stay focus and lose the weight. Yay for me, don’t you all jump up at once. I started back to writing my recipes and I hope to grow more audiences and blog more about my boring life hopefully share stories about my Buttercup whom I enjoy writing about.  Thanks for listening to me rattle on about my foot!!!!  Don’t tell anyone.  Smooches.